4 Signs it is Time for Roof Repair


Is it time to schedule a professional roof repair?  Numerous signs indicate that it is time to pick up the phone to call a roofer to schedule service with the professionals. It is imperative that you are aware of the signs that suggest the need to repair the roof and that you know when to call. A damaged roof on the home may cause more problems than what it is worth. Keep an eye out for the four signs below, all of which indicate the need for roof repair.

Roof Age

If your roof is 20+ years of age or older, it is probably time to get on the phone with a professional to get a new roof instead of making a repair. This does vary from one roof to another so it is best to hire a professional to evaluate things.


Call for roof repair middletown md if there is a leak. Don’t wait to make the call because a leak can cause devastation in no time at all. Leaks can ruin the home and the things that you’ve worked hard to buy. Don’t take that risk.

Curling & Buckling

For homes that use shingles, curling and buckling are additional signs that it is time to call a professional to schedule roof repair. It is easy to spot curling and buckling shingles, even from the ground. Do not ignore this problem.

Missing Shingles

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If you can see sunlight coming in through the home, it is time to call the professionals to get service. When missing shingles affect the home, it is a problem that you simply cannot ignore.

These are just a few of the signs that your roof is damaged and in need of a repair. Don’t ignore these signs and call the pros when it is time.