Features Of Industrial Use Casters


Industrial use casters will have numerous features and advantages for those who use them on their trolleys and carriers. That is not so much to the credit of a set of shock absorbing casters but more to do with the expansive nature of industries today. But even so, casters have been adapted for perfect use in every industrial sub-sector imaginable.

For the purposes of brevity, basic features of the industrial use caster are highlighted here. A light duty shock absorbing caster set has a weight capacity range of between fifty to three hundred and fifty pounds. It has been geared up for use in carrying sensitive electronic equipment and miscellaneous electronica as well as general office equipment. The use of this caster set is ideal for use within the health services industry whereby the equipment has a noise reduction feature.

A heavier shock absorbing caster set with a maximum carrying capacity of five hundred and seventy pounds is good to go for the carrying of light duty material handling equipment. It can also manage heavier electronic gear and office use equipment. And, of course, its noise emission levels have been brought down to a minimum.

shock absorbing casters

Shock absorbing casters with a weight bearing capacity of nearly seven hundred pounds have been classified as medium duty. These can handle the carrying of medium to heavy duty material handling equipment. This is perfect for the manufacturing environment where tool carts and textile trailers can be borne by the strength and durability of these almost noiseless shock absorbing casters. These factory perfect casters are classified as light to medium duty and can carry heavy ground support equipment.

Needless to say, the tip of the iceberg has been reached because there are still a number of other commercial settings to consider.